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ended in 2009 but most did not feel it but people in all three states feel the united states should get out of afghanistan by a 2-1 margin. but most approve of the job that obama is doing there. a gender gap is on display. it is too close to call in florida where the president is down but it is 13 points in ohio. and he has a 17-point edge among women in pennsylvania. >>reporter: thank you on the perfect strange day in washington, dc. another former aide to john edwards on the witness stand today. he said he overher the foam presidential candidate asking his mistress whether her baby bump was showing. the foam aide here in the blue tie and glasses said in 26 fix he saw the mistress get off the elevator on the same floor as john edwards and the foam aide says the mistress told him she and john edwards were madly if love. and the next day the aide says john edwards called him to deny he was having an affair and told him rielle hunter was crazy. not long after that run in the aide said campaign staffers had to stay in a different hotel floor from the presidential candidate, but one day in
a very solid marker that this case, the chen case, was important to the united states. understand a couple of things. this is a broad important relationship between the united states and china, it's always going to be difficult and complex on a good day. then you throw something like this into the mix and it can have the potential for tensions although, up until today, it appeared the united states and china had worked constructively, intensely, to try to resolve this. go ahead. >> p.j., it sounds like someone is doubling back on the original agreement and/or the terms were not fully understood. chen guangcheng saying he felt he wife was going to be beaten to death if he didn't leave the u.s. embassy. it sounds like he at one point said that the u.s. had not -- was not pro active enough. that certainly doesn't look good. >> well, understand that mr. chen was trying to do something that was unique without precedent. normally the united states tries to work to bring activists out of china where they feel they are threatened. mr. chen specifically had the united states negotiate with
playing days. >>> we're in danger. the words of chen guangcheng now begging the united states to allow his family to board hillary clinton's plane to america. >>> would you pay $1,500 for a piece of stale cake? "cnn newsroom" starts right now. we do begin this hour with breaking news. with a rare and startling look inside the mind of osama bin laden. right now the public is getting its first look at documents seized in the raid that killed the al qaeda mastermind. they are in his own words. and they capture a fading leader desperate to launch another catastrophic strike on the united states. hundreds and hundreds of pages are now appearing on the website of combatting terrorism center at west point. peter bergen is our national security expert and was given early access to this so-called treasure-trove of material. what's been your biggest take away? >> i was able to review some of the documents that are being released today in the course of reporting a book i have written on the hunt for bin laden. the take aways clearly don't have operational information that would be useful to the cia a
if you look at the successful record of immigrants to the united states, whether skilled or unskilled, documented or undocumented, across the last 200 years and particularly in the last 25 years and with the great renaissance of data that we now have at our disposal to analyze more clearly the impact of all types of immigration from 1990 forward, we realize that immigrants, again, skilled and unskilled, lawful and undocumented, bring to the effort of community building and business building and economy building something that is moderately intangible for now. if we work at it for a few more years it will be tangible and we will be able to quantify part of it. it's something that represents itself in generational achievement both for those immigrants who arrive, who form small businesses at a rate which is disproportionately higher than native-born citizens, for their children that in turn achieve at a level that is higher on average than the children of native-born citizens, not to disparage those who come from the united states or come from long lines of families that come from the u
in the united states. their earnings were enhanced by about 2.7%. why? it's complicated and i'll send a link to the commission so you can look at the exciting charts and graphs and do that to your heart's desire. it comes down to a simple idea which is intuitive and you know it. the economy is not a fixed pie. when you expand the labor curve, a simple economist will say the price of labor goes down and we're all hurt. the more people that work here, the more people that are chasing jobs and we're all doomed. wrong. the expansion of the available labor force creates opportunities that did not exist before. you have innovation and entrepreneurialism that increases the actual size of small and medium-sized businesses. they consume and that expands the demand curve. you have a dynamic economy for 90% of u.s. born workers that enhances their wages. the other 9% got whacked up side the head with globalization and immigration and everything you can list and they need help. getting rid of immigrants doesn't really help them. the final point is if you look at the last 15 years, 25% of publicly traded
struggle continues this morning between the united states and china. at the heart of the conflict. guangche guangcheng ch ch chen gaung chen, the chinese activist who sought house arrest, said it was his decision to leave yesterday and now he s says he fears for his life in china and wants to come to the united states. ian helps us sorting through all of this in beijing. >> reporter: in a beijing hospital for treatment and family reunion after a deal between the u.s. and china that now appears to be unraveling. chen guangcheng was brought to the hospital personally by ambassador gary locke and u.s. officials say the left the embassy after six days preferring to stay in china after assurances by the chinese authorities about his safety. >> reporter: from day one, his express desire was to remain in china. he sought to be reunited with his family looking for a better life. >> reporter: they say he never once asked for asylum. once he knew u.s. officials said chinese authorities assured chen he wouldn't be mistreated and his allegations of abuse would be investigated and he'd get a new home an
with the run-up regarding chen guangcheng, who has saw refuge at the u.s. embassy. >> the united states raises the importance of human rights and fundamental freedoms. we believe all governments do have to answer to citizens aspirations for dignity and the rule of law. no nation can or should deny those rights. as president obama said this week, a china that protect the rights of all the citizens will be a stronger and more prosperous nation. of course, a stronger partner on behalf of our common goals. >> i think in many ways, it probably will. yesterday, we had a deal between china and america of trying to put that case behind them. there are new damaging details and they keep emerging. the case will overshadow these talks. certainly, if american diplomats will come under pressure over this issue. we just heard from the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton, she did not specifically mention his case, but she said that china could not deny the aspirations of its citizens. >> martin, we know has -- we know he has told the reuters news agency that he wants to leave for the united states instea
. yes everybody, bill ayers. >> the american empire is in decline and, yes, the united states remains the most powerful weaponized military system the earth has ever known. that is treacherous combination. no politician will say that the empire is declining and that the game is over. it's over. now what? >> someone from romney and someone from obama's past. >> he really thinks it is over. he you have to ask yourself why. the guy that wrote the book what he is saying, what he is saying let's the first of all remember nobody has any money, nobody is buying anything, nobody is going out and getting things in terms of expensive clothing. to me the most important thing for romney to do is not take the bait and talk about economic mobility. that is what people in america want. i realize i was born in wealth but if i worked really hard i could get there but i'm not going to get a job if they don't have any money. doesn't it look poorly on president obama with bill ayers? >> this is like a football game. on one side you 6 capitalism. on the other side you have socialism. the problem is barack
in the southwest section of the state of tennessee. the area was being used as a base of operations by the united states army. the army that disembarked was under the command of ulysses s. grant. the reason the army was in the area was western confederate railroads, principally the memphis and charleston line which linked to chattanooga and from there points to the atlantic seaboard. extremely important railroad for the confederate states of america. it intersected with the north-south known as the mobile and the ohio railroad, which ran from kentucky to the ohio river basin to the gulf of mexico at mobile. secretary of war leroy pope walker of the confederate states called these two railroads the vertebrae of the confederacy. and they intersected, they junctioned just 2 land ward miles to the southwest of pittsburgh landing here in west tennessee. hence the alreadies were viable military targets for the united states force news attempting to put down what they styled a rebellion, which had been the succession of 11 confederate states formally of the united states of america. we were barely less
main objectives also is to attack the united states. i think attacking the united states before 9/11 was about bin laden's kind of fantasy about what this would do. and after 9/11, was about recruiting. and about showing people they were still relevant. and about lots of other things, but not about those main objectives any longer. so that is why i call al qaeda not a terrorist group, because a terrorist group is a small, secretive group, few hundred people, don't have either the capabilities or the desire to expand further, unable to recruit people into their organization fast enough to replace them. and are incapable of holding territory and governing it. and when you look at al qaeda core, you can say, well, that certainly is what's going on. but as you pointed out, the term al qaeda actually means headquarters. and, in fact, their first term for themselves was the high command. something that is repeated also in these captured document and elsewhere. the high command of something they hoped would be bigger. and which since about 2005/2006, has begun to live up to these aspirat
, that's false and ludicrous. now, my view on immigration in the united states and illegal immigration is formed from several different areas of experience. first had to do with my role as a staff officer for the third armored cavalry regiment, and providing active duty soldiers to assist with joint operations on a reservation which straddles arizona and mexico to help interdict the smuggling of drugs. it's also informed by my role as a life prosecutor prosecuting albany duis in maricopa county with the passage of an amendment to specifically deny bail to those in the country without lawful authority who committed serious offenses. anytime that i have someone who is a mexican national or even from canada, the accused of a felony dui, they would be admitted to bail in which they would feel to show for subsequent prosecution. then in supervising prosecutions are maricopa county, i dealt first in what circumstances in which drug cartels in mexico would order cars from street gangs in phoenix. which would then be picked up by someone who crossed the border, ostensibly as a one day tourist,
some of the issues the united states has long pushed. geithner recognizes china has moved towards a more market based exchange rate, but he does know that the yuan has more room to strengthen against the u.s. dollar and other currencies. he says a firmer yuan will give beijing more flexibility when it comes to balancing growth and inflation. take a look at the u.s. dollar versus the yuan, pretty much unchanged. hillary clinton touched on a host of diplomatic issues urging china to play its part when it comes to diffusing global tensions particularly with north korea and iran. clinton addressed prickly human rights issues which have taken center stage following the news surrounding dissident chen guangcheng. >> as part of our dialogue, the united states raises the importance of human rights and fundamental premiefreedoms. because we believe that all governments do have to answer to citizens aspirations for dignity and the rule of law and that no nation can or should deny those rights. >> and our very own emily chan has been following these developments and she's standing by in beij
with people who spend all their time debating about what is the al qaeda core today. we in the united states are in need of instant gratification. i have four seasons believe me, they are in need of instant gratification. our adversaries work on a much longer time frame. right now it's one thing, tomorrow next week, next month it's potentially something very different. i'm a little bit tired with those who are only interested in assessing where is the al qaeda core. a group that had been floundering because it was working on a budget of a fuel thousand dollars and now they've got tens of millions of dollars. my biggest fear is the trend in homegrown violence extremism. the reason that keeps me up at night is because my time in the intelligence community and in law enforcement lead me to believe that we are best capability at thwarting the next attack when people who are plotting the next attack may set off one of the trip wires in place. travel or communication or moving or receiving money. but if we're trying to deal with people who have no job or dumped by their girlfriend and are looking
dissident who says he wants to seek asylum in the united states. the administration says chen ga gaunchung left at his request. >> michele bachmann and rick santorum finally make peace with governor romney? new poll numbers tell a is your rising truth about the republican right. >>> fast moving developments surrounding chinese human rights activist, chen guangcheng. he has been pleading for help and asking to come to the united states with the family. he left the safe haven of the u.s. embassy on monday but says officials misled him. he had a congressional hearing and described the conditions at his home. >> translator: i really am afraid for my other family members' life. they have installed seven video cameras. even with the electric fence. >> among those watching closely, president obama's campaign opponent, mitt romney. >> the reports are, if they are accurate, that our administration, willingly or unwittingly, communicated would chen an implicit threat to his family and probably or may have sped up the process of his decision to leave the embassy. if these reports are true, this is a
. >> meanwhile, the chinese government demand an apology from the united states. the foreign minister said: in the meantime, security was tight outside the hospital where chen is being treated, and the hospital's name was quickly banned as a search term on the chinese internet. we take a closer look now at this still unfolding story with shao chung, director of the berkeley-china internet project at u.c. berkeley, and editor of the "china digital times," an online publication. and evan osnos, who's written on chen guangcheng and other dissidents as the china correspondent for the "new yorker" magazine. he joins us tonight from the campus of stanford university. os, i'll start with you. what do you make of this very confusing series of events today? is there any way to unravel what's known at this point? >> well, it's been an extraordinary 24 hours. the story is very dynamic. a few hours ago, frankly, all of us thought that the u.s. government, the chinese side, had reached perhaps the best available solution given the moment, which was to create an opportunity for chen guangcheng to get o
is now appealing to president obama to get his family out. he wants to go to the united states and he's even said to president barack obama in the interview we have with him, please president barack obama, do everything you can to get me out of this country. >> it's apparent he's had a change of heart. >> reporter: he was very explicit. >> well, i understand. he says he wants to leave this country and he's in fear of his life. >> we need to first have that conversation with him and we need to make sure what his desires are and we'll take that up and start discussing that. we need to explore all of the options. >> reporter: ambassador locke was by chen's side every step of the way as he left the embassy. time and again he told me this was chen's own decision. >> and we said what is your choice? what do you want to do? are you ready to leave and we just stopped, and then two minutes later he jumped up beaming, excited, happy and says let's go. >> reporter: chen guangcheng remains in his hospital bed. his wife and children alongside him, but they fear being sent back to their village whe
to the united states with the family. he left the safe haven of the u.s. embassy on monday but says officials misled him. he had a congressional hearing and described the conditions at his home. >> translator: i really am afraid for my other family members' life. they have installed seven video cameras. even with the electric fence. >> among those watching closely, president obama's campaign opponent, mitt romney. >> the reports are, if they are accurate, that our administration, willingly or unwittingly, communicated would chen an implicit threat to his family and probably or may have sped up the process of his decision to leave the embassy. if these reports are true, this is a dark day for freedom. it is a day of shame for the obama administration. >> stan grant joins us from beijing. your team spoke again to chen today. this is very confusing, some conflicting accounts here. what's the latest from his perspective? >> he is bottom line, he doesn't trust the chinese government. he doesn't see he has a future here. he still maintains his family's lives have been threatened and he wants to get
to the chinese government. and frankly, the united states is in no position to dictate what the terms of release will be for a chinese citizen, dissident or otherwise. >> do you agree with that, p.j.? >> well, secretary cohen is my former boss. i would phrase it a little bit differently. it is not about leverage. the united states negotiated in good faith with china based on the wishes that mr. chen expressed at the time. he was trying to do something very unique which is rather than be an activist who is forced into exile, he wanted to be an activist that continued to do his work inside china. much more powerful. and so the united states negotiated that basis. it thought it had a deal is that that deal is unraveling. as a result, mr. chen is changing his mind and may well be seeking to come to the united states. i think u.s. officials as we speak are trying to actually get to see him again. and chinese officials evidently are preventing that from happening. >> just at this event, mitt romney calling this day of shame for the obama administration if the reports are true. not saying what he would
a republican with enough working digits to handle a been and become president of the united states. >> that was the most shameless statement by the tax cutting right by what they need in the white house. someone to cut the taxes and stay out of the way of anyone else. i was in the room for that speech, and i thought, they really don't think they need a president. you may think that's human being rouse on his part, and to some extent it is. >> who came up with that word? >> i thought he -- >> okay, it means smart alack. >> if you look at the primaries and everybody grover gets to sign, then he is right. this is the core of the republican philosophy, a hard line on taxes, simple to understand, jon huntsman did not sign it, and he went nowhere. so what grover is saying yes it's full of pride, but it also happens to be true. >> every time i go to a business convention that you probably love to go to, the reward weekends for these guys they all play golf and their all for tax cuts. and they all like this guy. and every member of congress, all of the candidates for president signed this
think it's unlikely that mr. clen is going to go back to the united states with secretary clinton. i think that would be something that the chinese would have strong objections to. in terms of the symbol of them fielding to pressure coming from the united states. that's something at this point in time with so much change in china, not only with leadership but on the ground with bo xilai and other corruption, they can't be in a position of showing weakness in the face of the united states. i doubt whether he'll be going back at this time. what might be possible is over the a period of time for the chinese to come to the conclusion that allowing him to travel to the united states and go into permanent exile with his family would be better for them since it would at least deflect attention on his activities which i'm sure he is going to try to continue as long as he's in china. i think at this point not much will happen over the long term they may find it in their interest to allow him to leave. >> at the same time, it really was clear that he initially told them, according to all of th
death to organize another major terrorist attack in the united states. >>> he is probably the most famous guy in china today and the biggest headache for the chinese government. chen guangcheng remains in a beijing hospital. he now says he desperately wants america's help to get out of china and he wants to go to the united states where he believes he's going to be safer. chen is an anti-government human rights activist. chinese officials promise to leave him alone but chen doesn't believe them. he made a personal plea to president obama. >> translator: i would like to say to him, please do everything you can to get our whole family out. i'm very disappointed with the u.s. government. >>> cnn is continuing to seek comment from u.s. officials about chen's claim that he was mistreated and threatened by the chinese government. >>> white house briefing is going under way now. let's listen in. they're actually talking about this activist. >> -- every time he has meetings with chinese officials, he says that broadly, but now we're dealing with actually one specific case. i'm wondering if
for the united states at the time of german unification in 1959, and it was an interesting example of state craft and the public's understanding because what our initial read of the situation in late after the berlin wall opened was the people of east germany wanted what the west germans had. there was a school of thought at that time called the third way saying, no, no, we're creating our own separate state. i was in east germany shortly after the wall opened, and i was in lute ran churches -- lutheran churches who played an important role in the civil society in such it could exist with the democratic republic, but what i could see was this was not going to be a merger. it was going to be a takeover because people wanted what west germany had. okay? it was an understanding of the whole momentum of the next 11 months that east germans were going to come one way or another. understanding societies, understanding the messaging, you know, even if you're a diplomat in the state department, it's critically important, and certainly in the world of development or trade or others, and so i underscore th
know there's no safe place in china. the talk should have been about getting him to the united states. not just himself, but his wife who was beaten severely overand over again, and all of those that helped him. and the chinese human right's activist that took him in her car to beijing. he is under house arrest or custody right now. there a lot of people we have concern for. unfortunately with the timeline of this summit, he was literally pushed out the door with some very vague, and i would say ineffective assurances, and now he realizes it and wants to come to the united states with his wife and friends. >> congressman, you're a politician and you have studied these situations for a long time. why would the chinese allow us to score an international propaganda victory of this sort, where we take one of their people, one of their citizens and the families who say back on a plane with our secretary of state, take them out of the country in the face of this diplomacy, to walk out with some people saying we're saving them from their own government, why would the chinese government ever
's ability to do something about this. after all, about a third of chinese exports come to the united states. their future is tied to our future in a way that can't be matched by any other bilateral relationship around the world. i want to rewind the tape for about 12 years and go back to 2000 when not only president clinton but also candidate george bush, former president ford, former president carter, and alan greenspan and everyone was saying, we have to bring china in through the world trading system, we have to end the annual review of chinese human rights, otherwise the united states will be isolated. if we do this, we will have balance trade with china, we will have democracy in china, we will have respect for human rights. we'll all be better off. if you haven't figured it out, that was the biggest joke perpetuated on the american people. you haven't been paying attention. we have a $295 billion trade deficit. that's a record with china last year. we have 2.8 million lost american jobs. you have china using this wealth to opress its people with the help of equipment provided by a man
victory on behalf of the united states in the gulf war. guess what, no one cared. by the time november of 1992 rolled around, americans decided, fair enough, we were excited about you a couple of years ago, we're not anymore. >> jamal, was there any downside to the president -- everybody is talking about people who weren't even born when this war started are going to be occupying iraq -- afghanistan, sorry, through the year 2025. but clearly the president thinks any downside there is well worth the big boost he got last night. the cheering of the troops surrounding their commander in chief. >> yeah. most americans really want to see the president of the united states, any president and the troops and honor the troops. so even if they don't support the war, they do support the troops and american effort, wherever it is the troops may be. so the president i think smartly got himself very associated with that. the president likes to play spades. in spades, i think he slammed the big joker down on the table yesterday and kind of scared mitt romney back -- set him back a little bit. but the
the united states and china interrupted a hearing, cried out for help. chen guangcheng, the blind dissident who sought refuge in the american embassy in beijing called into an emergency hearing about his case and pleaded through a translator as you can see the call happening, asking specifically to speak with secretary of state hillary clinton. [ speaking foreign language ] >> i really fear for my other family members' lives. we have installed seven video cameras and even with the electric fence. >> now, all of this comes after a whirlwind day of developments that forced the united states to explain why chen accused this country of pressuring him to leave the embassy. after initially saying he wanted to stay in china, he now says he needs to leave the country for his safety. that put u.s. ambassador to beijing, gary locke, on the defensive. >> this was his decision and he indicated to us what he wanted as conditions before he would leave the embassy. he had the option of staying in the embassy for years, if necessary. >> congressman chris smith spoke to chen today. he was overseeing that co
that he becomes the next president of the united states. so while i think a lot of times, we talk about top-line messaging of the party, this is about the future of america this is not about the party, this is about saving this country and defeating barack obama. but the job of the rnc and my job is to put lead on the target and to make sure that we put an army on the ground, going door to door, winning this race, whether it be absentee ballots in clump bus o, ohio, hispanic outreach, college students. it's a lot less talk and a lot more action. mitt romney coming into the rnc today was the kickoff of this merger between the rnc and our presumptive nominee. >> greta: so who is in charge? is it governor romney or you? i mean -- who is calling the shots? there are obviously some areas that are yours. but whether it comes to the presidential campaign. i realize it's like a symphony, great if you worked well together. but who will be calling the shots on this? >> actually, i mean, it is both parties. i mean, that's why it's a merger. it is not a takeover. it is not one entity swallowing up
negotiators from eight nations will join the united states in dallas for talks on a new trade agreement. you know what that means, right, usu.s. negotiators want access o hundreds of consoomplez. darren gersh reports tonight it could be some of the last jobs left here at home making shoes. >> tom, when you buy athletic shoes, you probably don't know it but you're most likely paying somewhere between 5 and $15 in what's called an import tariff. a tax on imported shoes to protecting jobs in the united states. and that tariff has set off a sneaker war. on one side there's new balance, the last company to make athletic shoes in the united states. on the other side you'll find retailers and companies like nike. they design shoes in the united states. but they manufacture them in countries like vietnam. >> we have a 1930's tariff structure in the 21st century, and that i really ham perking our awe -- hampering our ability to grow jobs. >> the obama administration is working on a new trade deal with vietnam and other countries called the transpacific partnership. as the world's fastest growing shoe
an organization. >> you mentioned things about the drones but that adding up to the degree that the united states and its allies had been very successful at chipping away at al qaeda's ability to even connect with some of its affiliates, which was a source of its power. >> the overall -- obviously, the white house and the national security council are releasing documents that don't put al qaeda in a very good light. are they representative of everything that's in there? probably. it's interesting. we knew al qaeda was under a lot of pressure but it's interesting to know that they, themselves, realized they were under a lot of pressure. very remote, heavily forested, it would be a good place to hide from american drones and american satellites. these documents mostly from 2010 just before he died. so, you know, it's not only a picture of an organization under stress, it's also bin laden as a micromanager. he was advising -- sending notes to his team saying when you go on the road, gas up and have a meal so you don't have to stop at a gas station. maybe they'll be government spies at the gas statio
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 301 (some duplicates have been removed)